James Frames

James Frames was started by James Fredrick Sullivin in 1970. From humble beginnings working in his garage, eventually encroaching into the house and taking over the spare bedroom, stairway and hallways of his house, the picture framing business grew from strength to strength. It was not long before James was overrun with work and ran out of space and had to move to bigger premises and start employing people.

The business carried on evolving and, throughout the forty plus years of picture framing, James has had the pleasure of working and collaborating with some of London’s top west end galleries and framing exhibitions for  people including Norman Parkinson, Terry O’Neill, David Bailey, Horst, Koo Stark, Helmut Newton to name a few.

James Frames is now a family business run by Alex Foster, an experienced framer and art historian, still dedicated to providing an efficient and reliable service to its customers. The picture framing company offers the accumulative skills, experience and fine art craftsmanship of over forty years of making picture frames. James always stood by very simple rules and claims this to be the success with regard to longevity of his business. One of the fundamental policies is that James Frames offer total reliability and a very personal service. Our teams of specialist craftsmen are trained to offer a truly bespoke service.

With this in mind we can handle any project at any time with complete discretion and security, always ensuring our customer’s needs are fulfilled and expectations met.